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Roman Seas tm is dedicated to the memory of Peter Hotz, whose lifelong passion was the study of ancient Roman history.

"I found myself admiring the rules quite a bit and loving the ships tremendously. The rules strike a nice balance between detail and playability. Yes, I'm buying a couple of CDs worth of Mr. Hotz's creations."
Walt O'Hara

Roman Seastm models are designed for the gamer who always wanted to play ancient Roman naval games, but either did not want to game with microscopic models, or wanted to play using 1/300th scale ships but could not afford nor had the time to assemble and paint the models. With Roman Seastm ships can be printed out, cutout and assembled in under one hour -- no painting is required. Historically accurate, quick, easy and cheap to make, plus... we offer a large line of ships. Now everyone can play with impressive models, not just those with a lot of money and time. Print and make as many as you need!

"Where is your fleet that may seize upon the Roman seas?"
King Agrippa's Speech

Ben Hur