Roman Seas Fortification Set 2: Large Towers

Roman Seas Fortification Set 2 contains large towers and coresponding wall pieces. All pieces are designed to be used with game mats with 5 inch hexes or squares, or onto a plain gaming table, or even for use as models for a diorama. This is an extensive kit containing towers, with an alternative roof design as well a detachable roof design. This set will allow you to design your own fortified town or city layout. Print and make as many as you need!

Number and Types Parts within Fortification Set 2 Notes
Large Roman Towers Designed after archaeological remains
Various wall configurations Short Single and Double walls
Alternative Towers with Roof Tower models with built in roofs
Doors and windows Optional doors and windows; to be placed where you want/need them

"Large Towers and Walls Fortification Set 2"

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