Sea Blue-Grey Game Mat

Sea Blue Game Mat

Ideal for use with Roman Seas PDF
Ship and Building Models

     The Sea Blue and the Sea Blue-Grey Felt Game Mats are designed especially with naval combat games in mind. The felt color was chosen because it closely matches the feel and the color of the ocean or Mediterranean Sea, but will also compliment any tabletop naval or air combat over sea setting.

     As with all Hotz Artworks Felt Game Mats, the mats have been treated with a protective fabric binder that strengthens the surface of the felt mat, helping to prevent pilling and other forms of wear normally associated with felt. Hotz Artworks Felt Game Mats are designed to take normal gaming punishment and should last a very long time.

    Sea Game Mats comes in three sizes: 72 x 45 inches (183 x 114 cm), 45 x 34 inches (114 x 86 cm), and 72 x 90 inches (183 x 228 cm), and we can make other custom sizes (just ask).

    The price of the 72 x 45 inch mat is only; $35.99 USD. The price of the 72 x 90 inch mat is: $78.99 USD with (only available without hex/square grid pattern.

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