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Roman Seas at Board Game Geek: Click Here

Baccus 6mm Miniatures: Baccus produces some of the best 6mm scale miniatures on today's market. Baccus miniatures are highly recommended with use with Roman Seas PDF ship and building models. For Baccus 6mm USA: Click Here

22AD Ancient & Medieval Artillery: 22AD is an interesting website dedicated to Roman and Medieval renactors, but specializes in making ancient artillery. Well worth a look.
Also check out: Murray Hill's: Roman Seas Review

Recommended Viewing: Blog sites with interesting articles and photographs of Roman Seas games, rule system and ship/building models and methods.

Article #1: Roman Seas: Saxons vs Roman Navy.

Article #1: Roman Seas: Building a Navy
Article #2: Painting Marines
Article #3: Roman Seas Piracy Patroling
Article #4: Building a Roman Cortiba
Article #5: Roman Seas ships
Article #6: Pre-Historicon 2009
Article #7: Roman Seas at Historicon 2009
Article #8: More Roman Seas ships
Article #9: Roman Seas at Fall-In 2009
Article #10: Roman Seas at Fall-In 2010

Walt O'Hara played Roman Seas at Fall-In 2009 game convention in November 2009 and he gives his impressions of the Roman Seas ship models and the Roman Seas rule system: Walt O'Hara's Blog

Roman Seas photos: Click Here

Article #1: Roman Seas Rules Are Released!
Article #2: Roman Seas: Ordered And Arrived!
Article #3: Starting The Assembly
Article #4: Roman Seas Ships Assembled
Article #5: Making Bases For The Roman Seas Models!
Article #6: Mounting Roman Seas Ships Onto Bases
Article #7: Roman Seas Fleets Complete!
Article #8: Roman Seas: Game Preparation (2010)
Article #9: Roman Seas: First Game! (2010)

Note: For Hex Game Mats, click here: Felt Game Mats.

"Roman Seas game at Trumpeter Salute 2006"

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