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"1/300th scale miniatures with Roman Seas ship models makes for an awesome game!"
(Overheard at a Roman Seas naval game at Trumpeter Salute 2006)

Miniatures Suitable with Roman Seas Models

Roman Seas ship and building models are designed to work well with all currently produced 5mm/6mm (1/300th) scale miniatures. Miniatures shown in the Roman Seas Photo Gallery are Heroics & Ros miniatures. All miniatures companies on this page are located in England (UK), but two have suupliers in the USA who either stock or can order direct from the UK based company.

5mm and 6mm Scale Miniatures Manufacturers

Baccus Miniatures (UK) are nicely detailed and paint up well giving impressive results. Baccus is a good choice for use with Roman Seas models! Because these miniatures are slightly larger than 6mm and they are not compatible with Heroics & Ros or Irregular Miniatures, but are compatible with Rapier Miniatures. To view photographs of Baccus Miniatures with a Roman Seas ship model: Click Here. To purchase from the USA, go to: Creep Scale

Heroics & Ros (UK) miniatures have been available for over 30 years. Heroics & Ros are nice quality miniatures and come roughly 50 infantry figures to a pack, which is ideal for Roman Seas, are "true" 5mm scale miniatures (measured from the tops of their heads to the bottom of their feet) and are compatible with Irregular Miniatures. To purchase from the USA, try: The Last Square, or order direct from Heroics & Ros in the UK.

Some of the finest artillery pieces on the market place are made by Heroics & Ros. To view a sample of Heroics & Ros artillery pieces: Click Here

Irregular Miniatures (UK) makes a number of 5mm scale Miniatures as well as a range of Roman artillery which is very handy for Roman naval gaming. Irregular Miniatures 5mm miniatures are compatible with Heroics & Ros.

Rapier Miniatures (UK) makes a line of 6mm scale ancient miniatures which are compatible in size, scale and quality to Baccus Miniatures. I was sent a sample pack of some of their Roman miniatures (auxiliary with round shield and spear and Eastern archers) and the quality is indeed very nice. Rapier Miniatures seems to ship worldwide for free, which is certainly appreciated!

Send questions, comments or suggestions to: Eric Hotz