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Roman Seas News Page

      April 8th, 2016: Roman Seas Game on a Custom Game Mat

Rarely do I get a chance to make myself a game mat and rarer still do I get a chance to make myself a custom 12-ft long x 6-ft wide game mat. This game mat was done in three printings and then assembled at the game convention -- I don't have a 12-ft table in my print studio. This game mat setup represents a coastal region with deep and shallow waters as well as a coastal shoreline. The building models are from the Roman Seas rural village set along with bits and pieces from other Roman Seas building sets. The crops are cut up Hotz Mats Flocked Felt Fields and the roads were hand rendered. Trees were purchased on ebay and number close to 400 individual trees. The game involved 22, 1/285th scale, Roman Seas ship models and the scenario fought was the Roman Civil War between Julius Caesar and Pompey. Caesar's naval forces were escorting a supply convoy to Greece where his army was starving. Pompey tried to stop this convoy and succeeded, but not after having first lost two ships sunk including their flagship. A tense 12 player game.

News Page

      October 8th, 2015: Roman Seas Rules Page has been Updated

Over the last few weeks, several people have sent in obscure game titles of out of print Ancient Naval rules that were not on the Roman Seas Game Rules list. These have been added.

The broken link to Willem Neukermans's downloadable rules set works once again. This is located at the bottom of the Rules Page. I contacted Mr Neukermans and he is still very interested in receiving feed back from anyone who tries his game rules. There are two PDF files in the Zipped file. Total size is only 219k (very small and fast to download).

      August 5th, 2015: Roman Seas Rulebook Update is in the Works

An update to the Roman Seas rules is underway. No way of really knowing when this will be made available. The first playtest will occur this month. The system we are playtesting is actually the same game, but uses a different Movement, Momentum and Drift system. It appears that this new system is a much simpler system to use and understand. By default, the new system cleans up all questions dealing with Momentum and Drift in a very practical, easy-to-understand way.
Once available, this will not be a simple update, as the changes will effect the entire original rulebook (the new movement system effects everything, including the ship record cards, PDF board game pieces, and even a few of the PDF markers sets. The update will be a complete set of rules, and will be noted as Roman Seas II

All of this hinges on the next six months. I have two major publishing assignments that I have been hired to complete, which will take precedence over Roman Seas. I am have also been hired by an educational company to work on their project which starts this October, and I have a business to run. On top of that, I have a major event coming at year's end to deal with, which is nothing short of nasty. Any one of these can throw a wrench into the works. However, I am not anticipating problems with the playtest; the game is ready and planned to go, with players lined up to play.

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