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Ancient Naval Game Rules

All of the Ancient Naval Game Rules that are, or were at one time, available to purchase or download are listed on this page. At this time, 40 rule sets are noted. If you know of a set of game rules that is not listed here, please send an email note to: Eric Hotz

Note: Most ancient naval rules will work with Roman Seas ship and building models.
(page updated October 8, 2015)

Ancient Naval Rules WebPage
     Miniatures Rules: Ancient Naval Wargames Rules 500 BC to AD 500, by Martin Johncock

Arginussae WebPage
     Board Game: The Athenian naval victory over Sparta in 405BC, by Robert G. Markham (Markham Designs); 2001.

Bireme & Galley WebPage
     Board Game: Naval Warfare, Egypt to Lepanto, by Jan Vrapcenak and Edward E. Simbalist; published by Fantasy Games Unlimited (1978). Copies of this game can be found on eBay.

Chicken of the Sea WebPage
     Board Game: The Battle of Drepanum, 249 BC (Rome vs Carthage) by Richard Berg; published by: Game Publications Group (1994)

Clash of the War Galleys WebPage
     Board Game: Clash of the War Galley encompasses all ancient period galley warfare. Game is designed to be played on a 36 x 36 inch grided surface/game mat with 3 inch squares (not provided in the game), by Harold Windell and John Cape; published by: Caper Conflicts (1994)

Classis WebPage
     HTML Format: Ancient rules by Daniele Varelli

Corvus Down Load PDF File
     PDF File: Fast play rules for the First Punic War (and others) by Richard Lee

DBM Rules Variant for Ancient Naval Combat WebPage
     HTML Format: These rules are grounded on the existing naval aspects of DBM and are designed to create a set of rules appropriate for pure naval battles.

Death on the Seas WebPage
     PDF File: Ancient Naval Wargaming Rules By Tom Hinshelwood. The rules on the resource page -- scroll down and click to download.

Diodochi Naval Rules WebPage
     Miniatures Rules: for the Diodochi (Alexandrian Successors) period, by Warren Greene. Free for anyone to download and use.

     Miniatures Rules: Published in 1979 by Newbury Rules. Fairly complex ancient Greek naval wargaming rules. Copies of these rules can sometimes be found on eBay.

Fleet of Battle WebPage
     Miniatures Rules: Published in 2009 by James Roach. Author's notes: You will need a working knowledge of Piquet (better yet Field of Battle) or have a copy of Ager Sanguinis (published in Miniature Wargames #309 Jan 09) to fully understand how the game / sequence of play etc. works.

Greek Fire WebPage
     HTML Format: published in 2000. A hex and chit game of ancient Greek naval combat. Rules can be found: HERE

Greek Fire and Roman Fury WebPage
     Magazine Rules: published in 2003 by Wargames Illustrated #187 (issue April 2003).

Greek Naval Warfare WebPage
     Miniatures Rules: published in 1972 by London Wargames Section (LWS). A hex based game of ancient Greek naval combat. This game uses average dice.

Naval Rules WebPage
     HTML Format: A fantasy set by M C Gianni that is perfectly good for historical games

Naval Wargaming. From Ancient Galleys to U-Boats WebPage
     Miniatures Rules: by Paul Hague, published in 1992. Patrick Stephens Limited.

Mare Nostrvm WebPage
     Mare Nostrum is a Brazilian game simulating the battles that were fought among Roman and Greek galleys. There is no map. You can play it on the table or floor.

Nauamachiae WebPage
     Miniatures Rules: Ancient Naval Rules (3000BC to 600AD); published by Langton Miniatures

Nauta WebPage
     PDF File: NAUTA Ancient Naval Wargames Rules - 700 B.C. - 400 A.D. and discuss about the game. Quick play naval rules; you must join the discussion group before being allowed to download these rules.

Naval Wargames Rules Fleet Action 1000 B.C. to 500 A.D. WebPage
     Miniatures Rules: by Richard Nelson; published by WRG (1973)

Nįvarchoi WebPage
     Board Game: by Mike Nagel (2015).

Navarchus: A miniature tabletop naval warfare game for scale 1:300 WebPage
     Miniatures Rules: by Richard Evers. A professionally published, perfect-bound paperback (2013). These rules look very interesting -- worth taking a look. To email questions to the author of these rules, Click Here.

Oceanus Strategoi WebPage
     Miniatures Rules: Oceanus Strategoi was original conceived for use with 1/600 scale ship models but was later tweaked for 1/2000 scale. THese rules would probably work well for 1/300th scale as well. Written by: by Jeff Koppe

Pirates: Miniature Battles on the High Seas WebPage
     Miniatures Rules: Generally considered a fantasy set they also have a ancients varient; published by Flagship Games (1998).

Ram Speed WebPage
     Board Game: by Colin Keizer; Published by MetaGaming (1980).

All Ships! Ram Speed! WebPage
     MS Word Format: A short set of rules that claim to be fast play Ancient Naval Wargames rules (website comes with a the sound file; be aware and ignore).

Ramming Speed WebPage
     HTML Format: Jackson Gamers' Home Rules: a set of 15mm Ancient Galley game rules.

Ramming Speed WebPage
      HTML Format: These are a playtest version of the newest rules from the lads (no idea how old these rules are). If you give these a try please send us some feedback.

The Battle of Salamis WebPage
     Board Game: Published by: Spartan International (1972). Copies of this game can sometimes be found on eBay.

Ram or Die! - The Battle of Salamis (480 BC) WebPage
     HTML Format: By Matt FritzFast and Easy Rules for Students by the Junior General group.

Roman Seas: Ancient Roman Naval Combat - 264BC to 400AD WebPage
      Miniatures Rules: by Eric Hotz (2009). Game supports small action Roman naval battles (two to eight ships per player; 2 or more players) from Rome vs Carthage to the end of the Empire in 5th Century AD; scale is 1/300th, but also works with any scale between 1/1200th to 15mm (works best with 6mm to 10mm scale).

Salamis ad Actium: Naval Wargames Rules for Ancient Times WebStore
     Miniatures Rules: by David Manley with Andrew Finch and Alan Butler. The wars between Greece and Persia, Rome and Carthage, The Roman Civil War; recommended scale is 1/1200th.

Sea Battles in Miniature: A Guide to Naval Gaming WebPage
     Scratch Model Building Ideas and Basic Miniatures Rules: by Paul Hague (1980). Covers ancient naval, then jumps to Napoleonic, ironclad/pre-dreadnought and dradnought periods. Ancients naval rules are for 15mm scale gaming.

Trireme WebPage
     HTML Format: Ancient Naval Wargames Rules by Andy Watkins

Trireme WebPage
      Board Game: Published by Avalon Hill Game Company in 1980. Copies of this game can be found on eBay. (Note: this game was originally published by Battleline).

War Galley WebPage
      Board Game: by Richard Berg and Mark Herman; published by GMT Games (2nd ed. 2006). These game rules are FREE to download (Online Resources): Click Here

War Galley WebPage
      Miniatures Rules: by Thomas Loefgren; (2015). This game uses match boxes for ships. These game rules are FREE to download (Online Resources): Click Here

Warring Fleets WebPage
     Miniatures Rules: by Ed Teixeira; Published by: 2 Hour Wargames (2001).

Rules in Play Test

This section is for rules that Roman Seas fans are play testing and are free to download and try. If you have comments or suggestions about the rules systems, we encourage you to send comments and/or suggestions to the rule's authors.

Willem Neukermans' General Ancient Naval Rule (updated October 2015)

      Miniatures Game: By Willem Neukermans
To send email message to Willem Neukermans: Click Here

To download the rules: Click Here
(Zipped PDF format file/219k)

Note: For Hex Game Mats, click here: Felt Game Mats.

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