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Roman Seas: Print and make as many models as you want!

Other Roman Seas Model Scales
Although Roman Seas ship models are designed for 1/300th scale, several models have been rescaled so they can be reproduced in 10mm scale. Obviously, the larger ship classes will not rescale to larger sizes, but in 10mm, you can construct Triremes, Liburnians (Biremes), and the Hemoila/monoreme, and many other Roman Seas ship models. To blow up 10mm scale to true 15mm scale: simply take your 10mm scale printout to Staple/Office Depot, and enlarge it by 150% onto 11 x 17in paper. The Roman Liburnian ship model can be enlarged to as much as 22mm scale, and will snuggly fit onto a 11" x 17" sheet of paper. The smaller ships can be enlarged to 25mm and perhaps even 28mm scale.

Roman Seas model files are rendered in vector art, as apposed to bitmat artwork, so no matter how much you enlargement your printouts, the print quality will always remain crisp. If you can find a printer that can do very large printouts, the artwork contained within our PDF files will can even give you GI Joe scale (1/6th scale) models with perfectly crisp lines and color. Note that such printers are available at certain service outlets.

Note: Roman Seas models can be reduced smaller than 1/300th scale.

Item # Photo & Info Product/Model Name Price (US $) Purchase
10011 10mm Roman Navy Set $15.00 (US$)
10012 10mm Merchant Ship Set $15.00 (US$)
10013 10mm Carthaginian Set $15.00 (US$)

"Roman Seagoing Liburnians: 6mm & 20mm scale card stock ship models"

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